The Fountain of Youth Clubhouse

Great Food, Fun, and Friends with a Focus on Health Improvement!

Fountain of Youth Clubhouse

Embrace the ultimate personalized experience with an                            IN-DEPTH/DETAILED Wellness Map, exclusively designed by our expert nurse in collaboration with your personal physician. Each day, savor the pleasure of breakfast, relish a fabulous dinner party, and be entertained during Tea & A Tale Time.

Astounding checkpoints await you, and don’t forget the cherry on top – one spa treatment per week for members attending four or more days weekly. Your holistic wellness journey starts here!

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  • Skilled Nursing Services
  • Move to Improve and Fun & Games Times for Building Stamina and Strength
  • Regular Medical Tests and Screenings, Nutritional Breakfasts, Dinners, and afternoon Refreshments.
  • Mental Activities to Improve Cognition and Just for Fun.
  • Personal Care/ Spa Treatments


Explore our all-encompassing health screening service, designed for you to keep you on top of your health! In addition to daily vitals taken at the clubhouse, we communicate with your doctor to coordinate and record recommended tests and screenings in your Wellness Map. We ensure that you are offered the essential vaccines/immunizations, blood tests, and counseling at the right time.
We can take a urine sample to your lab and the lab will call your doctor with the results. Your doctor can call in a prescription if needed, saving you the money and the trouble of a doctor’s visit.

Full-medical screening

Full Medical Screening

Comprehensive evaluation of overall health and well-being.

Blood Pressure Checks

Blood pressure testing is a quick and painless procedure to assess heart health and detect high blood pressure.

Balance Tests

Assessing equilibrium and stability of the body to prevent falls.

Weight Checks

Measurement of body weight to monitor health.

Professional Referrals

Professional guidance for personal or mental health issues.

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Co-ordination with MD

Regular communication with your Dr, including Urine samples sent to your Dr. to diagnose medical conditions.

Mental test
Maintaining Mental Function

Screening for cognitive impairment or memory loss. Improves outcomes.

Vaccines and Immunizations & Other Tests and Treatments

Tracking, recording, communicating with personal MD to prevent or reduce the risk of infectious diseases.


Activities and More Information

Indulge in the perks of being a Full-Time Daily Rate Member, where weekly medical screenings, monthly weight checks, and various tests and treatments come at no extra cost.

Discover the heart of Aging With Grace through our engaging newsletter, brimming with diverse activities, enriching meetings, and empowering workshops designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Share your input and host a session! Email DG at with suggestions or offers.

Club Meetings are an integral part of our schedule, accompanied by a plethora of alternate activities, guest speakers, and entertainers. Check the newsletter under the news tab for details on the month’s exciting lineup.

Stay active with Move to Improve and have fun with Fun and Games, both regularly scheduled and listed in the newsletter.

Embrace the essence of our CLUB MEETINGS

see below for detailed descriptions.

Our Clubs

Embrace an array of vibrant clubs that cater to your interests and passions:

Gardening Club: Monday mornings bloom with flower arranging, public garden efforts, and valuable gardening insights. Discover the beauty of beneficial insects, creating butterfly and bird-friendly gardens, and crafting rain gardens.

Glee Club: Unleash your inner songbird on Monday afternoons – no singing ability required! We make a joyful noise with old favorites and bask in the spirit of music.

On a Mission Club: Tuesday mornings are dedicated to learning about and sharing purposeful accomplishments, and making a positive impact together.

SOME Club (Supporting Our Military Everyday): Tuesday afternoons focus on our Military and extending support through heartfelt letters, cards, and meaningful projects.

LOVE Club (Living Our Values Everyday): Wednesdays mornings unite us with Lexington’s community, exploring ways to make a difference in our hometown.

UK Fan Club: Wednesday mornings are a spirited celebration of sports at UK, adorned with posters and team colors. Our enthusiasm might even attract a surprise visit from a UK player!

Book Club: Wednesday afternoons offer captivating reads provided by the Lexington Public Library. We take turns choosing and reading books.

Art Club: Healing and wellness come to life on Thursday mornings as we immerse ourselves in art projects and learn about its profound benefits.

Family Matters: Thursday mornings are a hub for thrilling tales and insightful discussions on family matters, often featuring engaging guest speakers.

SOLVE Club (Showing Our Love of Veterans every day): Fridays revolve around supporting veterans, inspiring advocacy through letters, encouraging messages, and strategic use of social media.

Natural Resources Club: Friday afternoons delve into Kentucky’s air and water quality, understanding environmental impacts, and our role in safeguarding our grandchildren’s health.

If you seek a club that resonates with your passions and isn’t listed, fret not! Let us know, and we’ll gladly assist you in organizing a new club meeting. Your journey of fulfillment and community awaits!



Aging With Grace Fountain of Youth Clubhouse is a Wonderful environment! The staff truly cares about create a beautiful place to Age Gracefully! The team is compassionate about the community! It’s incredible to have a founder who is so passionate and vibrant!

— Beth Fryman

DG Gridley is eminently qualified and her team of nurses are top notch. The facility is classy, stylish, comfortable, and fresh. Highly recommended!

— S RC

The team at Aging with Grace is fantastic! Top Notch care and service. I highly recommend them

— Lisa Bazzano

Aging with Grace is dedicated to seniors in the community! They are passionate about the needs of our parents and grand-parents and work endlessly to provide a safe, fun, educational environment for their clients. When the time is right, this is where I'll be!

— Team Rice

Great atmosphere. Very affordable and competent care for mom... and the owner is very nice.

— Steve Clarke